Dressing To Win

Recent college graduates have it rough when it comes to landing that all important job.  You have your degree, your ready to enter the workforce, yet, no one will hire you.  It’s true that perhaps you haven’t enough experience to win the job but the issue could be as simple as how capable you LOOK.  Having a competitive resume is crucial.  Looking like you know how to dress for the workplace is imperative.  Young professionals need to know what works and does not work for the interview process as well as when you get the job.  If you are a recent grad and are new to the workforce, here are some tips to help you land that job, that will give you the confidence and independent e you seek.

  • Bright colors are a no go.  Think more gray or muted tones with a punch of color.
  •  Keep your outfit conservative and elegant.  A nice dark-colored suit works great for interviews.
  •  A pair of black pumps no more than 2 1/2 inches  is key and looks more professional.
  • Be sure that your hair does not read bed head.
  • Never wear sneakers to commute.  Opt for casual comfortable flats.  You still want to be stylish while running for the bus!

What about you?  Has your wardrobe ever negatively effected your chances for a job that you are aware of?


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