Do You Know Your Body Type?

This is a very important post.  If you are like most women, you understand how upsetting it can be to go shopping, think that you are buying some great pieces, only to get home, put them on, and realize that you don’t look as good as you did in the store.  Is it the lighting inside the dressing room?  Is it the fuzzy head, that clouded judgment  that you experience when shopping for clothing?  Could be those things and more.  It  most often is  that most women rarely know how to choose clothing that suit their body typing.  

We have all heard it at some time or another.  It is important to know what kind of body shape that you have so that your purchase decisions are best suited for you, not the image in the latest glossy magazine.  Here we will explore the most common body types.  I encourage you to find yours and take notes and use this information to find clothing that is best for your body type.  This information will save you money, time, and anxiety with regard to which cloths will look good on you.  Please comment below.  We would love know to how this information helped you.  Please also share this post.  Many of the women that you know would also be happy to learn their body type.  Lastly, be sure to subscribe so that you receive PureStyle in your inbox!  Take notes!

top image credit:polyvore


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