ermanno-scervino_portrait_noblackErmanno Scervino was born in Milan but, however, spent many years in Florence. ”The king of sports fashion” as he was called by the press, starting from his debut commuted between Paris and London and always demonstrated his strain for multifunctional multinational style.  In the 1970-s he opened clothes and accessories boutiques in Florence and Cortina d’Ampezzo.
In 1985 Ermanno Scervino produced his first collection of women’s accessories which showed the fusion of Anglo-Saxon traditions and ethniсal grounds of different countries. The collection comprised bags, belts and footwear. Soon it moved to the best shop windows of the world.  In 1990 Ermanno Scervino started his own men’s and women’s collections.

In 1997 Ermanno Scervino trade mark was registered. Thanks to finished techniques, prefect fit skills and love for luxury and chic Ermanno Scervino quickly conquered acknowledgement at the world podiums and became the landmark in the world fashion. Ermanno Scervino style is unique and is always associated with the choice of best fabrics, flawless fit and brand-new technologies involved. International popularity was there in no time.  In his collections Ermanno Scervino managed to make dreams of a modern woman, enjoying chic clothes, luxurious fabrics and fashionable details, come true. Ermanno Scervino could always foresee the wishes of the woman.  The pathfinder in the world of sports fashion Ermanno Scervino was the first to catch the demand of clients to get a new style in clothes without having to sacrifice luxury in it: his search led him to create his men’s collection in 2003. Creativity and intuition is the motto of the designer who never betrays professional vows and is always trying to reach the highest quality. This is the way the simple and luxurious models full of elegance and individual core are made.
Getting to know traditions of different countries better allowed him to restore ethnic elements in his collections: looking at them a man is off on a wonderful journey to infinite and amazing fashion worlds.


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Ermanno Scervino is an Italian fashion house headquartered in Florence, Italy.  Heart and glamour – this is how to describe the creative talent of Ermanno Scervino, who, after refining his craft through several collaborations with renowned Italian fashion and haute couture houses, decided to launch his own label at the end of the Nineties. Entrepreneur Toni Scervino and designer Ermanno Scervino founded the fashion label in 2000,his career allowed him to take in the vibes of the coolest place in the Eighties. From Paris – his second home – to the New York of Andy Warhol, from London to Ibiza, he was surrounded by a world of beauty, trends and style. Finally he chose Florence as his home, and, following his dream to dress the most beautiful women in the world, he decided to open his first boutique there.

“The Beauty of ‘Made in Italy’ is the heart of our work” – Ermanno Scervino

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Starting in 2007 Ermanno Scervino, together with CEO Toni Scervino, gathered at their headquarters outside of Florence artisans from all different ateliers, and succeeded in autonomously producing their womenswear, menswear, accessories, junior, lingerie and beachwear collections. The concept of a product completely “Made in Florence” is an essential part of the label’s DNA: a combination of tradition, tailoring and innovation.

More than 300 employees work at the company’s large, ultra-modern building on the outskirts of Florence. From sketch to fitting, to pattern cutting to final details – every phase of production is closely supervised by Creative Director Ermanno Scervino and his team. To achieve the highest quality possible has always been the first prerogative of the Ermanno Scervino label.



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