Chen Tianzhuo | SANKAUNZ


Chen was born in Beijing in 1985. He has been hailed as “one the most promising young artists in China.” He studied for his Bachelor of Fine Arts from 2007 until 2009 at prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and went to get his Masters from Chelsea College of Art in 2010.

Timeout Shanghai stated that, “Part of what makes Chen’s work interesting is his seeming obliviousness to what is and isn’t appropriate, especially in a country [China] where culture is micromanaged. There’s courage in his creation of weed and masturbation icons, his celebration of bad taste, and his disregard for copyright and religious (and other) sensitivities. “I can’t just stay in one thing,” Chen says. “I can’t just paint the same thing again and again. I’d lose my passion. I lost my passion for fashion, so I’m not gonna do it again.”

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His work has been shown internationally and more recently July 2014 in Shanghai in “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test: Chen Tianzhuo.”

Sankuanz was founded by desinger Shanguan Zhe in 2008, who lives in Xiamen with his team. They are travelling in every corner of China, investigating and collecting the traditional textile process and clothing art, melting into modern fashion to demostrate the series of combination. He participated in the ‘Shanghai Fashion Week’, and his collection in the show made a powerful influence on fashion insider. Shangguan Zhe continues it’s simple and utility designing style on the brand “SANKUANZ”, putting emphasis on the cloth texture and wearers’ comfort. However, he undertakes design route on his another brand “Undpromotion”, enhancing the clothes’ design sense and fabric innovation, with a little exaggeration. Apart from these, Shangguan Zhe keeps trying various matching of fabrics, in which wool, cotton, linen and chiffon could go together. His fashion aesthetics is closely related to his delicate feeling for life and the immediate capture of mood, which add thick poetic feeling to his seemingly plain works.

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His latest work debuted November 6, 2014 at K11 in Hong Kong supported by Adrian Cheng, one of the “Top 20 Most Innovative Collectors in the World.” The show titled WAWADOLL IS X’MAS DATA – a solo exhibition by TIANZHUO CHEN is “Chen’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong is also his first large-scale installation outside of a gallery” and is curated by Leap Magazine and Art Papers Editor in Chief, Robin Peckham.

Chen currently lives and works in Beijing and London.


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