Prints & Patterns by ETRO

The Pattern and Print Masters.


is an Italian fashion house that produces textiles, home decor and perfumes. Founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro, it remains to this day a family business. Kean_Etro

The entrepreneurial venture began in 1968, when Gimmo Etro, the brand’s founder, launched a range of fabrics using noble and natural fibres, which he embellished with original designs and innovative colour ways. In 1981 the furnishing textiles line made its debut. The Paisley motif used to enrich the first collection was set to become the Etro mark of identity.

Leather goods were added to the product range in 1984 with a bag and travel bag collection in Paisley jacquard fabric. In 1986 Etro launched the home accessories and complements collection, thus consolidating the brand’s lifestyle concept. The 1990s saw the unveiling of the first men’s and women’s prêt-à-porter collections, their inventive and recherché style earning the label instant recognition.  The materials, the workings and a special talent with prints are what make Etro unique and inimitable.[1]Kean Etro has been designing menswear collection since 1990.

In his early years, he studied at Aiglon College, at Cambridge, and Medieval history in Milan. His collections have often been inspired by his many travels around the world, through encounters with distant cultures, the collection of artistic manufacts and ancient books. He joined the family business in 1986, taking care of the digital side. In 1990 he designed his first menswear collection, and in 1997 the first fashion show, theorizing the concept of “New Tradition”.


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