ermanno-scervino_portrait_noblackErmanno Scervino was born in Milan but, however, spent many years in Florence. ”The king of sports fashion” as he was called by the press, starting from his debut commuted between Paris and London and always demonstrated his strain for multifunctional multinational style.  In the 1970-s he opened clothes and accessories boutiques in Florence and Cortina d’Ampezzo.
In 1985 Ermanno Scervino produced his first collection of women’s accessories which showed the fusion of Anglo-Saxon traditions and ethniсal grounds of different countries. The collection comprised bags, belts and footwear. Soon it moved to the best shop windows of the world.  In 1990 Ermanno Scervino started his own men’s and women’s collections.

In 1997 Ermanno Scervino trade mark was registered. Thanks to finished techniques, prefect fit skills and love for luxury and chic Ermanno Scervino quickly conquered acknowledgement at the world podiums and became the landmark in the world fashion. Ermanno Scervino…

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