Idan Cohen (26) was born and raised in Lod, a city that is considered conservative and religious, with six younger brothers and one big dream : to go out into the world, to design dresses, to become a fashion brand and to meet Prince Charming. Unlike the pleasant legend he hatched for himself, the reality very often slapped him in the face with stereotypes and prejudice.

Even today, after becoming a fashion designer and meeting his partner Elad (24), they still do not overlook comfortably what on they have built together. “We still have a lot of ambitions,” says Cohen in a meeting at their studio on north Dizengoff St., which became the capital of the bridal gown designers in Israel . “We won’t calm down and we won’t rest until every girl in Israel knows about Idan Cohen’s bridal dresses,” Borenstein adds with a big smile.

Between the business and the relationship , the couple is planning a wedding ceremony to be held in the summer. One wants a fabulous mass wedding , and the other prefers a small and intimate event . But the main thing, they say, the main thing is love.

Since childhood, Idan was exposed to fashion, since his cousins are the owners of the famous Israeli jeans brand Crocker. “I used to be a child who was always scribbling,” says Cohen , “I was born and raised in Lod’s “Young Neighborhood”. It was a relatively new neighborhood, but it still was Lod.
It’s not an easy city. My parents and my brothers still live there. I have a soft spot for this place.”

The Israeli designer Idan Cohen was born to a family of fashion.As a child he wondered the factory of the family’s Denim brand and dreamed of an international fashion brand of himself.After becoming the company’s creative director, he realized his passion is in bridal gowns and evening wear. 5191273099296408255no

 Idan went on to study at the London prestigious fashion school Marangoni.  After graduating he came back to Israel and in 2011 opened up his own studio,that rapidly became a success.  Today, 3 years later, the studio has moved to a 4000 square feet store at the fashionable neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

 Idan Cohen has made a name for himself with his special unexpected designs. Television hit shows, like the Housewives of Tel Aviv, has chosen him to design for their stars and many celebrities wear his designs, for their special events and their high profile weddings.

All the designs are meticulously hand sewn at the brand’s workshop and in prestigious factories throughout the world. Idan Cohen fulfills the dreams of his clients and caters to all their needs and desires.

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