Rebecca Minkoff


Currently New York based, Rebecca Minkoff was born in San Diego, California. Like many other aspiring designers, sewing and creating was a prominent part of her childhood. After she graduated high school, Minkoff moved to New York to purse her design career. In 2001, she released a small apparel collection. By 2006, Minkoff began designing handbags, an aspect of her career that she would eventually gain a significant amount of recognition for. The iconic “Morning After Bag” debuted during this time, rapidly becoming a popular accessory of choice amongst New York’s fashionistas. Made with fine leather and hardware details, this particular design was a satchel purse, complete with a crossbody strap.

The “Morning After Bag” became so popular that Minkoff dropped her apparel line and concentrated on creating one of a kind purses. With the help of her sibling Uri Minkoff, she launched Rebecca Minkoff LLC. High end department stores such as Bloomingdales began to carry the brand, as her collections beganmkzy55-b781091818z_120130409093124000guu1d82nt_2 to gain popularity around the world. As the years went by, Minkoff began to create more designs that became signature, iconic representations of her brand. The Nikki, the Morning After Clutch and the Matinee are just a few of these designs. She was also one of the first designers to embellish her bags with studs, a trend that quickly took over the fashion world. In 2009, Rebecca Minkoff LLC continued to expand, introducing a line of belts and bracelets, along with a ready-to-wear apparel collection. By Spring 2011, a collection of shoes joined the lineup of Rebecca Minkoff designs.

Today, Rebecca Minkoff is best known for her handbags. However, since the launch of her brand, she has gradually delved into many areas of fashion. Known for her chic yet edgy taste, Rebecca Minkoff is considered to be an influential figure in fashion. She manages to create mature pieces that are still youthful, hip and stylish. She is extremely involved in the fashion “blogosphere”, making her a favorite amongst bloggers and blog readers alike. Minkoff frequently collaborates with fashion and style bloggers, bringing together high end fashion and the rapidly growing world of blogging.


Her own blog, which was launched in 2009, can be found at The blog features DIY fashion projects, blogger outfits and event photos, along with a way of interacting with customers and fans. All of her employees are also cleverly called Minkettes, creating a sense of a fashionable and fun “cult following”.


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