Top Ten Luxury Jewelry Designers “when money is not an option”

Luxury Jewels Top TEN

#10 Korloff – The countdown begins with this mind blowing brand from Paris, well known for its diamond studded watches. It is not only the watches which draws the attention of the high profile people, other jewelry items produced under this brand are also very splendid and magnificent. Being one of those famous luxury jewelry brands, Korloff uses some of the finest quality stones in their items. Diamonds being their speciality, you will find a wide collection of designs and products in this department of Korloff jewelry.

luxury jewelry brands

#9 Bulgari – Next in the lineup is Bulgari, a brand known for their expertise in the modern contemporary jewelries. Their innovative ideas and out of the box designs have rattled the minds of the fashion lovers. In the bridal section you will be finding a wide array of collections which will make you look picture perfect on the biggest day of your life. Another important factor which helps it in getting a place among the top 10 luxury jewelry brands is the kid’s jewelry section. You can spoil your little princess by getting a piece from this glamorous company which is ranked among the most popular jewelry brands of the world.

Popular jewelry brands

#8 Van Cleef & Arpels – A very common name among the luxury jewelry brands of the modern age, Van Cleef & Arpels is famous for creating jewelries which have a perfect blend of class and elegance. The audacity and majesty of this brand has made all the high profile ladies lust for this brand. People who want to buy the rarest of stones can look up to this brand for some dazzling pieces. Ranked at number eight in the top 10 luxury jewelry brands, Van Cleef & Arpels is the company which can add a few stars in your huge collection.

high end jewelry brands

#7 Harry Winston – Coming up at number seven among the high end jewelry brands, Harry Winston was an American designer who started this company in the early years of 20th century. Based in United States, this company has evolved by putting in laborious efforts to give the big names exactly what they want. Popular jewelry brands seek inspiration from this company as it has set a benchmark in fine craftsmanship and distinctive quality. From the star studded watches to the sparkling diamond sets, everything comes under the roof of this dynamic brand.

luxury fashion jewelry

#6 Mikimoto – Full of luxury fashion jewelry, Mikimoto has been digging deeper and deeper into the jewelry market with each passing year. Being one of the top 10 luxury jewelry brands, it has mastered the art of creating finely crafted jewelry. The elite class of people loves this brand for the use of innovative materials in the designs. There are very few brands in the world which can give a competition to Mikimoto in the pearl’s section. It plucks out the most incredible pearls from the deepest of oceans to maintain its position among luxury jewelry brands.

luxury jewelry brands

#5 Cartier – Getting ranked in the top half of the top 10 luxury jewelry brands list is an achievement in itself. Cartier sure does know how to extract the most out of the resources they have got. This brand mixes vintage class with modern day exuberance to get a completely new line of jewelry. Its fine art and minute detailing will leave you completely awe struck. The bracelets and pendants produced by this brand are famous for their enchanting shapes and modern designs.

luxury fashion jewelry

#4 Piaget – This Swiss company is one of the popular jewelry brands in the European region. Its luxury fashion jewelry has made their way into the wardrobes of all the famous and rich women of the world. Seeing the pure quality and unparalleled detailing can leave many other brands feeling abashed. The cost of its items completely justify the tag of luxury jewelry brands, as buying this stuff can take a heavy toll on the bank balance. Some of its models are very famous for the use of Platinum in a very unique way in them.

top 10 luxury jewelry brands lis

#3 Chopard – A very common name among the high end jewelry brands, Chopard definitely knows how to draw to the attention of the big guns. People with a heavy bank balance simply adore this brand because of the collection it offers. This brand doesn’t believe in sacrificing quality when it comes to designing. It maintains the same level of standards in all its products. To be among the top three out of the top 10 luxury jewelry brand list, it has to offer something special and Chopard does that through its lovely range of necklaces.

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#2 Buccellati – Missing the top spot just by a whisker, Buccellati is a brand for those who decided not to blend with the common race of humans. Its exquisite line of jewelry includes some remarkable textural gold and superb silver objects. This was the brand which took engraving in the most expensive metals to a completely different level through their path breaking techniques and methods. Luxury jewelry brands never remained the same since the rise of this brand. Today Buccellati is being rated as the rulers of the popular jewelry brands in every corner of the world.

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#1 Tiffany & Co – This Company has taken the global market by a storm in the last couple of years. Tiffany & Co personifies luxury, grace, class and elegance in every possible manner. It has dug its foot deep in all the markets and has emerged as the ultimate name in the luxury jewelry brands section. This brand exemplifies the status and aura of a person in the society. Superiority and greatness oozes from every part of its jewelry. From gold to platinum, anything and everything is being moulded to perfection by this company. Topping the charts of popular jewelry brands, Tiffany & Co is the final destination of luxury fashion jewelry.

high end jewelry brands

All of these top 10 luxury jewelry brands may take up some extra money from you but in return what you get cannot be matched any other way. The Top Brands & Products in the jewelry section try to extract the purest of metals and use them in the most original form possible to create those ultimate pieces. If you want your attire to speak for your richness and status in the society then these luxury jewelry brands is the way to go.

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