Winter is still a Fashionable Season

Winter is still a Fashionable Season
Many people allow the drastic drop in temperature, the snow/slush on the ground, and the blizzards in the night stop them from dressing to impress. I know this may come off, somewhat cliche’ but it is nothing but true.
Are you one that often finds yourself wearing a pair of winter boots (UGGS), jeans, and sweat shirt trying to stay warm, or maybe you enjoy just being comfortable because you cannot wear heels through the slushy wintery conditions.
Don’t be one of those people! images (1)

Yes, you do not want to wear six inch heels in the winter, you will look ridiculous. But you can still be very fashionable during this season. Don’t be afraid to put on a dress or flirty skirt with a pair of decorative tights or stockings under it. While wearing a skirt, you can wear that with a pair of knee length boots, sweater, sweat shirt, or fur vest.How-Layer-Winter-Clothing-2011


There are several looks that are available for all women, of all sizes during this season. You will be surprised by how fabulous you can look. Don’t be ridiculous by looking ridiculous in this weather. Be fabulous all year around.
Darice Wilson, A Pittsburgh Fashion Entrepruener said, “Winter is labeled one of the most fashionable seasons of the year, so don’t get left behind.”

images (2) winter


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