High Heeled Men?

Untitled #3
We love to look at them.  We love how they make our legs look, and the height that they give us.  At times we hate them.  When our feet are hurting we dont care how cute they are, we just want them OFF.  The accessory that makes anyone who don them look and feel sexy.  Did you know that men where first to wear high heeled shoes?  In the 1600’s they were a symbol of opulence, and  men wore them freely.  Eventually women began to wear them as a way of adopting a more masculine way of dressing.  Eventually men stopped wearing them because the women had taken over the style, and it was no longer looked at as a status symbol.  Like most other things that women take over, women transformed the style of shoe, and the rest is as they say, history.
Christian Louboutin high heel boots

Christian Louboutin mary jane pumps

Christian Louboutin nude pumps

Casadei high heel shoes
$1,075 – harveynichols.com

B Brian Atwood lace up booties

Betsey Johnson blue pumps

Yellow high heel shoes
$29 – fashionunion.com


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