What Does a Personal Shopper Do?

If you are here visiting this blog chances are that you have wondered a time or two about the job of a personal shopper.  How does it work?  What do they do exactly?  Hopefully this post will give you answers to those questions.  Consider if having a personal shopper to help you evolve your personal style into what you desire, is for you.

A personal shopper does what their name suggests.  They shop for people who haven’t the time, energy, or skill to do it for themselves.   Your personal shopper will get to know you and your style.   He will asses your personal style by doing a closet audit and also by obtaining your style goals.  He will shop according to your style and budget.  You personal shopper is not there to force you into anything.  He wants for you to be happy and feel good in your cloths just like you want to feel and look.  He will give you advise about the wardrobe pieces that you have now, and how to incorporate them more stylishly into your wardrobe.  He will suggest on trend items to be purchased as well.  You can go with your shopper and use the time while shopping as a tutorial of sorts, or you can sit back and trust that he is shopping for exactly what you need.

The experience of having a trusted expert shop for you and help cultivate winning style for you is something that you deserve. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from evolving.   Now that you know what is involved with hiring and working with a personal shopper, you can break through the fear of the unknown and give yourself the gift of style!

Have you ever used a personal shopper before?  What are some of the things that would hold you back from hiring a shopper?


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