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This post is adapted from Jennifer Alfano of Harpers’ Bazzar Magazine.  I had to share it because I totally agree with this list.  If you agree say so.  If there  are items that you think should be added to the list, tell us about it!  

  1. Quickest wardrobe update this fall:  pair a high-volume top with slim pants.
  2. Dare to wear your ankle boots with bare legs or even a pair of ankle socks.  Doesn’t always have to be paired with leggings.
  3. Ditch the layered jewelry look and go instead for a bold accent.
  4. Invest in two luxurious t shirts in silk and cashmere blends to wear beneath fall knits.
  5. If you choose only one leather piece this season, make it a biker jacket or narrow pants.  Make sure you purchase whichever one you will get the most wear out of.
  6. Give your stilettos a break and opt for a lower heal.
  7. If going for falls looser pants trend, pair them with the right slim top that tucks in and heels, no flats for this look!
  8. Belts are everywhere!  If belting a coast or blazer, go for one or two sixes larger.
  9. This season makeup is all about pretty sophistication.  Don’t go  without a sweep of black liner and a succulent red lip ( not necessarily in tandem).
  10. Hair is soft, loose, and touchable.  Not overdone, but feminine and easy.

There you have it!  The List of fall must haves.  Did I miss any?  What is the one clothing item that you just HAVE to have this season?


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