Style & Sophistication at Any Age

Age is a state of mind when it comes to staying stylish as you grow older.  No you don’t want to wear minis at any age, but you do not have to ascribe to the belief that as you age, you should start wearing caftans to cover up and keep a low profile.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some really cute caftans out there!  Staying stylish as you age is really about wearing the items that are timeless, and that make you feel confident and beautiful.  It is unnecessary to try and keep up with the latest trends in fashion.  Instead, go with your own personal style.  If it makes you smile, go for it.

The little black dress will never get old.  Just above the knee is a nice lady like length at any age.  Keep it simple yet elegant, and play up your positives.  Fun flirty colorful accessories is another way that you can express your individual style.  Basic colors and silhouettes beg to be enlivened by eye catching accessories.  Look for one of a kind, handmade, or even vintage pieces of jewelry to add depth to your wardrobe.  With all this being stated, it is important to have balance.  Wearing pieces that are categorically “young” will only make you look older.  On the other hand dressing matronly will add years to your look.  Find a balance that makes you happy.  Remember to smile always.  Nothing looks better on a woman of ANY age like a self assuring smile.

If you are, or you know  a woman over 50 years of age and she rocks her personal style to the fullest, we want to know.  Comment below, attach pics!  We celebrate  ALL women, and we want to celebrate her!  Share this post with the fabulous woman of a certain age in your life!

photo credit: teenagester,mrkate,huffingtonpost


2 thoughts on “Style & Sophistication at Any Age

  1. So true! I love to see a stylish older woman or man! When you are stylish as a young person it’s trendy but when you have style as an older person it’s because you have learned what looks on you and you truly understand yourself as a person

    1. Thank you Allegra for this insightful comment. Yes, we must have style and flair at every age! We would like to connect with CityStyle to do a feature perhaps. Lets talk soon.

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