Emerging Designer Consignment

You want to make money of course.  You want to build brand awareness as well.  Very few if any boutiques will take a chance and buy wholesale from you because you are new to the industry.  Have you considered consignment?  This is how it works; your works are taken and displayed either in store or online with no payment from you up front.  You and the consignment shop agree on a percentage for the both of you that is fair once a piece of your clothing sells.  The great thing about it is that you gain greater recognition for your brand by partnering with an established boutique, and also you build relationships this way.  Having a positive relationship with boutique owners is very beneficial for you as a designer.  These relationships can lead to greater opportunities.  Sure you are producing garments with no guarantee to sell but to sell your garments and possibly gain wholesale orders is worth the risk!  When considering consignment, do consider a few things.

  • Be sure to have a consignment agreement
  • Keep your own records
  • Include a timeframe for returning unsold items in the agreement
  • Be sure to learn how damaged or stolen goods are handled
  • If things go well be prepared to supply wholesale orders

If you are an emerging designer or you know someone who is, we want to know you.  We would love to interview you so that our readers could learn more about you and your designs.  Contact imagecoach@refined-culture.com

photo credit: talkladiesfashion


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